As an app developer, you must implement the strategy a complete mobile application testing to release a bug-free application. However, you can also test the application manually or automated testing efforts.

A number of reports have highlighted how application developers can provide high-quality products and earn higher profits by automating testing its Android application. You can get to know about best top rated android phones via

There are also a number of reasons why you should opt for automated testing of your Android application.

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Reasons Why You Should Choose Android App Automated Testing

1) Apps Must be tested on Multiple Devices

Each device is designed with a different screen size, resolution, form factors, processor instructions, and version of Android. Likewise, some devices are designed with special features such as a front camera and an external keyboard.

2) Application Versions Must Run on Android

Apple allows users to upgrade to the latest version of iOS without changing their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. However, Android users must change their existing mobile devices to access the latest version of the mobile operating system. Often users take the time to migrate to the latest version of Android.

3) All tests must be completed by the deadline

You need to perform a variety of tests as part of the testing process to evaluate all the features and functionality of the Android app. Also, all of these tests should be completed within a set time period to shorten time to market.

4) Provide High Quality and Flawless Android Application

To get a higher ROI, you need to find ways to increase the number of application downloads. Every user expects applications to look perfect on mobile devices and platforms.