Health is something that should not be ignored. Like general health, it should be treated as a priority. Smiling is a very important part of our life and everything should be done to maintain it. Oral diseases are common and one should take care to maintain oral health.

We all worry when it comes to dental disease because it can be very painful. A family dentist is a person who can take care of the dental health of the whole family. If you’re looking for more information about family dentists in Bend check this out.

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The dentist-patient relationship should go beyond just maintaining healthy teeth. It's also about trust, loyalty, and care. The family dentist is part of the family.

Here are some of the most common dental diseases:

Tooth Sensitivity – This is a common dental problem that many people experience. Dental problems arise mainly through the cold air, ice cream, hot drinks, and pastries. Some people experience tooth sensitivity even when brushing and flossing.

Halitosis – This disease is commonly known as bad breath and is usually caused by poor dental conditions. Gum disease, poor oral hygiene, bacteria on the tongue, etc. is a possible cause of breathing. It can be treated with proper brushing and flossing.

Tooth decay – This occurs when plaque, a sticky substance on the teeth, combines with starch from the food we eat. In the early stages, tooth decay can be avoided by washing and flossing regularly. If the condition gets out of control, the only option is to seek dental help.