Pool covers are available in various designs. There is a mesh cover and solid cover. There is an automatic closing and manual closing. Some covers are held in place with heavy circular weights, others use spring straps attached to the deck anchors.

Some automated retractable pool cover system more suitable for thermal applications; others for winter use and others for safety. Some have even integrated all of these properties into products to some extent.

Thermal blanket – This blanket only floats on the surface of the pool and is designed exclusively as a heating aid. You might have a system to manually activate the rollers at one end of the pool to make it easier to release.

Simple cover – These covers are used off season and are held by vinyl tubes filled with water or other heavy equipment. Although they are very suitable for disposing of waste outside the basin out of season, they can be dangerous if standing water is not dumped because of piling up.

Tissue cover – This cover is designed for winter use. The net is placed on the pond and held in place by a spring rope at the anchor on the deck. This type of coating can become rigid with multiple mesh grooves to reduce the amount of fine waste flowing.

Trackable cover – They are made of thick vinyl with side edges and beads that move in a series of parallel tracks that run along the sides of the pond. They have a very good safety rating and keep pollution and rubbish away from ponds.

With all this information, you should now be able to determine which coverage is best for you based on your specific problem.