Bottled drinking water, or what we usually call water bottles, has certainly experienced an explosion in the last decade. It used to be unknown to buy bottled water. The company now sells millions of bottles of this stuff. You can also contact water bottle manufacturers in Hawaii via searching over the internet.

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What fueled the boom in the bottled water industry were concerns about the safety of our taps and wells. And people certainly have the right to pay attention to the quality of the water they consume. Bottled water alone may not be the best solution to this problem.

Well, a staggering amount of bottled water comes straight from the tap. So it is as vulnerable to pollution as tap water. In fact, many glasses of bottled water are less safe than tap water.

You see, more than half of bottled water or bottled water sold in the United States is not federally regulated because it is never transported through government pipelines. However, different regulations regarding maximum pollutant values apply to bottled water rather than tap water.

You can switch to bottled water just for convenience. If so, please. However, if you switch to bottled or bottled water because you think you are getting a healthier source of drinking water, then you are very wrong. I'm not saying all bottled water is worse than tap water for you.