If you’re seeking self-love and body image counseling, be prepared for an experience that is unique and transformative. In fact, many people report that therapy sessions with a therapist provide them with the tools they need to achieve lasting self-love and body image satisfaction.

Here are some things to expect from a typical self-love therapy session:

First and foremost, you will likely feel vulnerable during your session. This is because you will be sharing your deepest thoughts and feelings about your body with someone you trust. It can be difficult to open up, but it is essential in order to achieve self-love and body image change. To get  Self Love Therapy you can contact Navneet Gill Counselling online.

During your session, your therapist will ask you questions about your body image concerns. This could include questions about how you view your body, how often you compare yourself to others, how much weight or muscle you want to lose, or what type of clothing makes you feel good about yourself.

After answering these questions, your therapist may suggest exercises or activities that will help you develop a more positive view of your body. For example, they might suggest writing down five things you like about your body every day or practicing mindful eating habits.