In the process of buying a new phone, chances are high that you will forget to buy a suitable phone charger. It is essential to buy the right type of base and charger to be able to carry out all the necessary functions associated with it. There are different types of phone chargers that can serve you in different types of situations. 

A wall charger

This type of charger is the oldest form. It works by connecting a cord to the phone and then plugging into a socket that draws the alternating current from the home. 

It uses its transformer and converter that convert current into direct current directly from the main electrical supply. You can easily buy an ac wall charger through electronic market stores or by browsing the internet.

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Car chargers

A car charger uses a dedicated outlet or a cigarette lighter outlet. This is called an auxiliary plug. Through car chargers users can charge their phone while traveling. The electrical supply is taken directly from the car battery. The three types of car chargers are the universal charger, the fast charger, and the slow charger.

Emergency chargers

An emergency charger is used by people who regularly travel to nature. Therefore, it is more appropriate for people who are always away from home. They do not require a main supply of electricity. High-quality batteries are sufficient to charge the phone. 

However, they are not so strong that the phone can be fully charged because the DC current that is present in the mobile phone battery is stronger than that found in the batteries.