Ice cream back then was one of the best desserts and snacks anyone could eat. It tastes sweet, comes in tons of flavors, and helps cheer us up when we're down. The fact that it comes in many flavors is a plus for people who hate boring old vanilla and want more choices in their life.

If you eat as much ice cream as we do, you've exhausted all of those choices and suddenly they just don't appeal. You can also buy the best soft-serve base mix in Australia by clicking at:

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The only thing you can do is buy different side dishes to put on top or make your own.  If you are a person who likes to try new things, then you should choose the option to do it by yourself.

The best part is the strength we have to give to the ingredients and flavors that we want and like. It's like going to Cold Stone Creamery and explaining to them what toppings you want, no matter how crazy they are. Instead of making plain old vanilla, you could add a coffee flavor and maybe even bear resin.

If you want to eat healthier and make sure your family gets the nourishment and nutrition they need, then you can always add some fresh fruit along with the chocolate chips or cookies and cream that you and your family really like.

The possibilities are endless and it's great fun to do with your kids. You can even give them time to come up with their own ice cream recipe that they can try.