A lot of guys spend their time at the gym, doing curls, and other exercises in order to look nice, while not exercising their bodies enough to be the best they can be. Boxing is among the most effective workouts that will aid in taking you to the next level.

Boxing is one of the most effective methods to lose body fat and build lean muscles while maintaining muscle mass. Group boxing workout in Rotterdam is an excellent source for increasing metabolism. 

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Exercises like aerobic cardio sessions only cause the possibility of a rise in calories burnt during your actual workout. This is rapidly reduced when you've finished your training. However, due to the phenomenon called EPOC, there is a significant increase in the number of calories you burn during the hours following the conclusion of your boxing exercise. 

Since boxing makes use of your quick muscle fibers that twitch to deliver fast and intense punches time and often, it forces your body to retain muscles and can even increase the size of your muscles which can give you a more muscular shoulder, not the slim appearance that a lot of endurance athletes sport already have. 

If you have a short amount of time to do exercise, consider joining an excellent boxing gym close to your home that will provide more results than a conventional exercise routine, like running.