Private detectives are specialized in the materialization of the proof of facts on which the resolution of a dispute depends before, during or after any type of lawsuit and sometimes even outside any procedure.

Their action is based on three fundamental and inseparable criteria: the legality, the legitimacy and the morality of the causes to be defended.

The role of jasa detektif swasta Jakarta is therefore primarily the administration of the evidence and the search for the truth. They have a role in general complementary to that of the official services and intervene in collaboration with most of the auxiliaries of justices such as the lawyers or the bailiffs. In fact, the official services often do not have the time or the resources to respond to certain complaints concerning offenses deemed minor but which often cause material or moral harm to the victims who have suffered it.

In addition, these services are sometimes limited in terms of the law, especially in the search for missing persons, when this disappearance is not considered disturbing, or in case of fraud or alleged breach of trust when offenses not yet used.

Moreover, since the liberal professions of law are limited in their prerogatives, they have no power of inquiry. The detective is then an indispensable remedy when research is necessary for the good execution of justice.

Investigations of a private detective may lead him to make many trips. Not being limited to territorial competences, the private research agent can intervene everywhere on the Indonesian territory as well as abroad.

In addition to the role in the administration of evidence, the detective also has a role of advising and assisting his client. However, he is subject only to an obligation of means and not of result in the execution of his mission.