Cold laser therapy is a medication that operates on the cells to fasten healing. It works by "speeding up" the normal healing process. It also works to reduce inflammation and tissue pain. It is found that using a cold laser helped people get up to 50% to 90% faster than old physical therapy procedures.

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Cold laser therapy levels up the energy of cells and gives them more energy to recover. Mitochondria are the energy producers in cells. Laser therapy speeds it up and creates more energy for recovery. Take a look at the production line and turn at high speed. More energy is generated than when the production line is running at moderate speed.

Blood circulation is important for treatment. The cold laser increases blood flow to an area, leading to more nutrients to repair cells. More blood flow means more healing.

Most patients are thankful for the relief provided by laser therapy. Cold laser therapy closes the pain nerves. When the nerves send fewer pain signals to the brain, the pain is reduced. It also helps nerves heal faster, which is why lasers are such an excellent treatment for neuropathy.

Laser therapy is very useful in mending tendon injuries by fastening healing and recovery. Lasers help reduce swelling and relieve pain. The combination of cold laser treatment with physical therapy shortens healing time and overall recovery.