There are several policy types, the most common being the HO-A (named peril) and HO-3 (all risk) policy forms.

Most insurance companies have their own names for them, however; homeowner’s insurance policies most often fall into either a "named peril" or "broad/all risk" type category.

Common coverage items include common losses such as fire, theft, hail, or wind/hail damage. Naturally, an "all-risk" type policy is more advantageous, however not all companies offer them.

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When reviewing your coverage, ask your agent if your current policy is an "all-risk" or "named peril" policy. You may be surprised to find out the coverage limitations that exist in your present plan.

Whether it is an HO-A, HO-B, HO-3, or HO-5 policy, not all homeowners insurance is the same. Read your policy carefully to determine what specific exclusions exist. If considering a new carrier, ask for a copy of the policy to compare to your current provider.

All companies cover the basics: Hail/Wind; Fire; Theft; Vandalism; Smoke Damage; etc.; but, what items are sometimes excluded? What coverage items should you specifically look for?

Some insurance companies have optional endorsements you can add to the policy for firearm insurance. For the most part, these endorsements will lower the deductible, but they will only cover the gun collection up to a certain point.

There are some insurance carriers that allow you to schedule firearms. This means that you can cover the guns for the needed amount at no deductible.