Your wedding date is set, the venue and caterer booked. Now is the time to think about gifts. You may have chosen your home ware gifts – now you can have the same choice of style and design to create your Jewish gift list.

A Judaica wedding favor is a gift to cherish for a lifetime. There are many companies available that provide the best judaica gifts. You can also buy modern ketubah designs for newly married couples.

Here are some basic tips for making a Jewish gift list:

As a couple, talk to each other about what you both want and what style you prefer. Jewish gifts are gifts for new treasures and traditions in your new home.

Take sufficient time to build your list. We recommend that you make your list about two months before sending out your invitations. Don't worry if you have little time. Our shortest moment so far was a week before the wedding!

Make sure your list covers a wide price range – don't be afraid to add expensive items. People will not think you are greedy and you will be surprised how much money some people spend. It is also common for people to band together to buy gifts.

The bigger the list, the better! When it comes to your marriage list, "more or less" definitely doesn't apply. Offer your guests a variety of choices.