Not all outdoor survival kits are the same, and they shouldn't be, as one kit must meet your specific needs. All items should be packed in a lightweight, waterproof bag or container that can be easily stored in your backpack. They should also be easily accessible when needed. Ideally, a backpack with a convenient outer pocket is ideal for storing the gear you need in an emergency.

Some items must be clamped on all outdoor survival kits. These items include a pot, cooking fuel, waterproof lighter, alarm box, first aid kit, and a small, durable flashlight. You can also buy outdoor survival gear through online sites.

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If you have room on your equipment, consider a small pocket stove that uses fuel tablets. Tablets can also be used to light a campfire. As for your flashlight, the best thing is that it is a bit durable. Use a long battery life and check before you travel. Wearing waterproof and breathable clothing is also a good idea.

The key to making outdoor survival kits is planning for the unexpected – your life depends on it. Clothing is a very important aspect of any survival kit. It is always best to dress in layers so that the layers can be removed if it is too hot or change clothes if it is cold. 

Shoes are a must for any trip to the desert. Always wear walking shoes with good ankle support. A bent ankle can be fatal. Keeping your hands and feet warm is important, so warm gloves that allow you to use your hands are a good investment.