However, while the UK is high on the list in terms of difficulty, there is a lot more dangerous tests around the world that are designed to encourage drivers to limit the ability of the candidate. Get more information about  ‘driving license inspection‘ ( which is also known as ” การตรวจสอบใบขับขี่ ” in thai language ) by one click.


Finland, where it takes at least two years of driving to get a full license. During this trial period, if the permit holder gets one good, the period can be extended by a maximum of two years. If this does not seem hard enough, before one can get the initial license they have a litany of tests and lessons. They have to take two tests, one in summer and one in winter, and present more than 19 theoretical lessons in which they learn about the strict driving regulations in Finland.

South Africa

Many provisions in the driving test South Africa appears to be designed to make the most complex investigation in the world. In fact there are riots around the problems associated with getting a license. This may seem extreme, but a few rules that must be adhered minutes makes the English equivalent tests look like a walk in the park.


Japanese test driving different to many other countries, as happened in the course resembles a fake Japanese city. However, this does not make it easier, because the test fiendishly complicated just have a pass rate of about 30 percent. Drivers must remain below 19 MPH at any moment and immediately fail if they run over the sidewalk, failed to examine the right or terminate the right distance from the traffic lights.

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Last Modified: July 22, 2020