The Echelon EX-15 is a new indoor cycling bike available to buy on Amazon for under $500. The bike was initially named something different, but it was renamed to the Echelon EX-15 due to a misunderstanding between Echelon and Amazon. The EX 15 has magnetic resistance and it's also belt driven like many other high quality and popular indoor cycling bikes on the market. Since the Echelon EX-15 has magnetic resistance it can get feedback through the Echelon app to show you the resistance number on a scale from 0-32.

Additionally, the Echelon app will show you your cadence on the screen of your device as well. This means if you want to do Peloton classes on the Echelon EX-15 you can simply mount a tablet on the front of the bike and follow along, and then use a second device to adapt the setting of the EX 15 along with the instructor advice. If you want to learn more about the Echelon EX-15 your best bet is to look at information about the EX-Prime or the other Echelon connect bike because they are all basically the same thing. The Echelon EX-15 has different handlebars than the Walmart variation of this bike, but many users report the resistance knob has been updated to be the same across all Echelon connect bikes. You may read the Echelon Echelon EX-15 review from 6PackFastTrack to see new information about this indoor cycling bike as it becomes available.