Truffles are naturally found in the soil of France and Italy, the only difference is that they are harvested by hand. Today truffles are more common in northern and western Europe than in the south of the country.

In today's health conscious society truffles are used to improve the taste of food and many people use them as a food supplement. Traditionally, the preparation of truffles involved crushing the fungi and then boiling them in salted water. The truffles were then picked at random from the boiling water.

Today truffle salt is used in making wine. It was once thought that the red truffles were more desirable than the black truffles, however there is now widespread agreement that the black truffles are the true black ones.

Today the market is flooded with imitation truffles which come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. The most obvious difference between them is the color.

Salt is an important part of any food and many people find it quite useful. Many food and drink products are produced with salt in them, be it tea, soft drinks, hot and cold food and even some medicines. It is used in the same way that other additives are used, usually to enhance the taste.

Salt is known to contain minerals which have properties beneficial to the body. One such mineral is potassium which promotes the flow of blood to all parts of the body. Many herbs and plants are used in cooking which has also been found to contain potassium, however there is no scientific evidence to suggest that using salt helps with the flow of blood.

Salt is also a purifier of our drinking water. This means that it reduces the amount of pollutants in our drinking water and the nutrients in our water can be passed onto the fish which provide us with the necessary protein for our diet.

However, many nitrate levels are caused by fertilizers in our gardens and this can be dangerous to our health. When there is a high concentration of nitrates in our drinking water, the effect can be extremely dangerous. This can lead to severe headache and fever as well as a high incidence of heart attacks.

Scientists are concerned that if the amount of nitrate levels continues to rise that we could soon have very little fresh water left on earth. Experts agree that nitrate levels have to be reduced or they will become impossible to eradicate.

Another cause of nitrate levels is our natural diet. Certain foods contain chemicals and additives, which can disrupt the nitrogen cycle in our bodies, which is a key factor in maintaining the health of our blood.

Salt contains antioxidants which protect the immune system from being overwhelmed by harmful chemicals and excesses of oxygen. It also acts as a preventive measure against many diseases and it helps the immune system fight disease.

There are many benefits to having black truffle salt in your diet. As well as it's many uses as a health supplement and a flavoring for many foods, it can also be used in many culinary dishes.