Thai food in Thailand is the focus of almost every public gathering because of the way Thai food is prepared and the way it is eaten.

Usually, when ordering Thai food at a western restaurant or at home, you order one appetizer, main course, and dessert per person. You can also get Thai cuisine online by ordering at the Thai herb kitchen.

Thai food takes place as a social gathering, as food is ordered according to the number of guests present. This is because all the dishes are ordered to be shared with each other.

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When you order Thai food, you usually order the four basic spices – salty, sweet, sour, and flavorful. If these four flavors are not combined, Thai dishes will not be satisfying.

A good household order includes a variety of dishes – meat and/or fish dishes, assorted vegetables and noodles, and maybe a small soup. Usually, the dessert is fresh fruit, usually pineapple.

Thais are also known to enjoy their snacks, and street food is very popular and very cheap in Thailand.

Popular snacks on the Thai menu include crispy spring rolls, chicken or beef satay, soup, salad, and raw vegetables in a delicious flavored dressing. All the snacks are perfect for social gatherings.

Every dish ordered in-house at a local Thai restaurant is authentic and made and cooked with only the finest and freshest ingredients so you can truly experience the taste of Thailand.