Today, a variety of nicotine evaluation kits are available in the market making it simple for insurance companies to run nicotine test without the need to get the assistance of medical professionals. However, picking reliable kits that effectively detect nicotine users is essential for proper decision making.

This article gives you a clear picture on several different nicotine test kits, their working principle.

Working principle:

Nicotine test kits work on the principle of antigen-antibody reaction or immunoassay response. You can navigate to the source: to know more about this principle. In absence of smoke, the antibody openly goes and binds with the antigen, colors it, and consequently shows a negative outcome.

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In presence of smoke, the antibody can't color the antigen as cotinine prevents the antibody from coloring the antigen, and thus shows a positive outcome. The same principle applies for kits using urine, saliva and blood as samples.


Four kinds of these kits are available to detect presence of nicotine/cotinine in smokers. These include those using urine, saliva, blood and hair as test samples. Let us discuss each briefly.

Nicotine urine test kits

  • The sample used is pee.
  • The urine test is noninvasive and gives quick results – in less than five minutes.
  • It has a detection window of 2-4 days which is, presence of nicotine could be detected up to 2-4 days following usage.

Nicotine saliva Test kits

  • The sample used in this saliva.
  • It is non-invasive.
  • Detection window is of 1-4 days.
  • It's more reliable than urine evaluation.