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Best Practices for Buying an Order Management System

Purchasing order management software requires extensive pre-purchase research. Not only do you have dozens of potential solutions to evaluate, but your existing system processes may also need updating. As you know, the fulfillment process has become increasingly complex. Investing in an enterprise order management system can help you streamline your processes, integrate with existing CRM software, and manage transactions across multiple channels.Know more about order management software through Focal Softwares.

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Look at the big picture

Start by looking beyond your current need for order management software and consider all aspects of transactions such as customer relationship management and receivables. What systems do you currently have for these extended system processes?

While you're at it, consider your infrastructure. How will implementing an order management system affect your current and future IT plans?

Gather order management software requirements

After looking at the big picture and making some broad decisions, it's time to identify the real needs. Get started on paper by documenting your end-to-end order management process. What happens when? What is needed to support it?

For example, your accounts receivable clerk may find some data entry jobs time-consuming, redundant and error-prone and may want some of the data to proceed automatically.

As you receive feedback, break down your list of needs into the following color-coded categories:

1. Absolutely Essential (Green)

2. Would Be Nice (Yellow)

3. Redundant (red)

Now is the time to evaluate various order management solutions, such as Dolphin's SAP order management that automates various processes and helps you maximize service levels for your customers.

As you compare your software solutions, label each feature with a color that matches your categories. If a solution is loaded with red features, it is not a good match. Your ideal solution would have all of your green features as well as a fair amount of yellow. Some unnecessary features may be unavoidable, but try to limit them as you don't want to pay large amounts for features you don't need