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5 Ways Sales Force Can Enhance Your Company’s Productivity In Melbourne

For brick and mortar businesses and online businesses, your sales staff are those who drive your company's profits and bring new businesses. When your sales representative is in the field or in different locations of your administrative staff (or even in the same office), Cloud services are very important for communication between sales staff and office staff.

The right cloud service will allow sales staff to communicate with other company staff easily and share documents and information. You can consider the best salesforce field service & management implementation partner to help your business in installations and repairs, professional services and regular maintenance, etc.

Here are some points mentioned below –

1. Chat – Salesforce offers a communication tool called to chat. Chat can be seen as your personal Facebook. It allows you to collaborate instantly by getting real-time user updates (similar to Facebook feeds), and easily share documents and data. 

2. Marketing and Leads – Now there is a better way for sales representatives to track leads, lead history, lead status, lead activities, and lead conversions by using only marketing tools and leads offered by Salesforce. 

3. Email and calendar – You can integrate your company's email that you have used with Salesforce so that your email communication remains synchronized. The calendar tool offered is also unique and very helpful. 

4. Analytics and forecasting – Salesforce offers charts and graphics that can be adjusted so you can get insight into the success of marketing tactics, main conversion, sales staff productivity, and more.

5. Salesforce Mobile – The ability to represent representatives to communicate and have the ability to access and update information while in the field is very important. Salesforce makes this easier than before by allowing full access to the company's cloud while traveling by only using their phone application.