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Role of Estate Planning Lawyer

How can you ensure your independence and assets during your lifetime, as well as guide and protect your family following your death? Talk to an estate planning lawyer. Consult with an estate planning lawyer to make sure you have a plan in place and that it is recognized by the state laws.

An estate planning attorney will help you establish a living trust, power of attorney, and health care proxy that will protect your assets in your later years. You can get more information related to the lawyer services via

To protect your loved ones, the attorney can help you create a living trust and/or testamentary provisions. These provisions can prevent the property from being distributed in accordance with Massachusetts's intestacy statutes.

If these statutes control your situation, it could mean that you are losing control over who gets your assets or who is named your guardians for your children.

The power of attorney allows another person to manage your financial affairs. There are two types of power of attorney. The first type is a durable general power of attorney that gives power to an individual known as an "attorney-in-fact" right away. 

The second type is called a "springing power of attorney" and grants power to another person, known as an "attorney-in-fact".