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Will Singapore Private Apartment Rental Prices Fall Further?

The rental price for the last quarter of 2008 has fallen by more than 5%. We expect rental rates for the 1st quarter to drop, and given that most of the asking price of various condos have dropped during January and February. By reading this article you can get the best details about pullman residences in Singapore.

Will Singapore Private Apartment Rental Prices Fall Further?

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Since 2008/4 3, according to a report Knight Frank and URA, the vast island of have since fallen for the first time since his resurrection. As more ex-pats leaving the country because of the company or a cost-cutting their budgets to house expatriates reduced, the demand for rent has decreased over time. T

he unemployment rate will also impact the overall economy as well, which will affect the demand for aggregate for Singapore.

Now, tenants hold the bargaining power if they could hold as long as the owners will lose more if they choose not to take lower rental rates. However, this does not apply to lease as demand for rental HDB HDB is still increasing.

Because the rental price drops, investing a lot of people from rental properties decreased as well. For many people, investing 3% leasing can be considered to be lucky in this financial crisis.

If a lot of people are expecting rents to drop and delay their choice to rent a new home, the overall demand for rentals will go down too. Some tenants who are looking for a new home for the move had been expecting prices to fall again and have to wait long to hire to drop further.