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What Are The Treatment Options For Presbyopia?

The advancement in medical technology has created a variety of advanced presbyopia treatment options. The best treatment for you is based on your visual acuity as well as the level of your presbyopia, as well as your own preferences for treatment.

Presbyopia that is mild is treated with best presbyopia treatment eye drops. Patients whose eyes are otherwise fine can also purchase eye drops to prevent vision problems. Patients with other visual problems along with presbyopia can choose to purchase glasses with progressive or bifocal addition lenses, which have zones to focus at different distances. Another option for people with mild presbyopia are multifocal contact lenses.

presbyopia treatment eye drops

Another option for treatment is refractive lens exchange using intraocular lenses (IOLs). In this method, the natural lenses of the eyes get removed to be replaced by IOLs which include ReSTOR, ReZoom or Crystalens. They are also employed in cataract surgery to treat presbyopia in addition to cataracts.

Other treatments for presbyopia that are well-known include conductive Keratoplasty (CK) as well as monovision LASIK. When you undergo CK surgery, an eye surgeon makes use of radiofrequency waves to modify the cornea of the eye and aid in its ability to see close objects.

 Monovision LASIK, on the contrary, utilizes laser energy to align one eye to improve near vision and the opposite eye for distance vision. With time the brain becomes accustomed to this distinction and patients enjoy unobstructed vision in all distances.