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What The Best Method To Clean Expensive Dress Shirts?

Shirt, as you know, is a man's favorite outfit. Be it a formal meeting, a birthday celebration, a hangout or a formal event, it is the perfect choice closet and there's no denying it! However, if a designer shirt is one of your priorities clothes, it means that they might be dirty every now and then.

It also said lower you wash your shirt the longer they will last. As true as this may sound, you cannot ignore the importance of washing them because what is both expensive designers dress shirts you if they look shabby and dirty! It will transform you into a mess shirt royal kingdom.

On that note, three of the most common drying methods including hanging dry, tumble dry and clean. Each method has its own set of pros and cons. For a more clear understanding, all three methods are described as follows:

Dry hang your shirt

This is probably the most common way and the easiest to dry the shirt. This involves washing clothes, give-up form and then hangs it on a "hanger". Some people also prefer to fasten clothes after hanging it. If you want the dress to be wrinkle-free, then tugged might help. You can browse to know more about revolution t-shirt.

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In addition, it is important to keep in mind the type of hanger (material) you choose to hang your clothes. It is recommended to use plastic hangers (as opposed to the metal and the people) because it ensures that the fabric is not damaged. The reason why the metal and wood hangers are not as a suitable choice is due to the fact they cause the shoulder to constrict, the last thing you want to happen to your designer clothes.

Tumble dry your shirt

Another method used for drying shirts "tumble dry". As the name suggests, it involves placing the clothes in the drum (usually heated), which then tumbles the clothes continuously until they are dry. The drying method is used widely because of the convenience it offers. You get dry clothes at a relatively less time, without much effort on your part (a good example of how technology benefits humans).

In addition, there are many options available for people who want to use this method for drying shirts. For example, they can choose to tumble dry on low, medium and high heat. The higher the temperature the less time it takes to dry shirt. However, high heat is not recommended, because it can weaken the fabric fibers. One important drawback of this method is that it tends to create a large number of wrinkles on the shirts and that is not ideal for a shirt.

Clean dry your shirt

The third drying technique most commonly used for the shirt was dry-cleaning. Now, this technique is mainly used by the cleaners. This is very different from the above mentioned simply because this method is not a dress shirt washed in water, but the liquid solvent. So it's not literally dry cleaning. Clothes soaked in liquid/chemical "perchloroethylene". One of the biggest advantages of using this method is that it removes oil and grease stains very well.