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How To Design Playground Flooring?

Playground Flooring construction and design is extremely important when undertaking this type of installation.

There are many different aspects to constructing a playground floor such as; what type of material, and is there adequate access facilities. You can get aquaflex flooring at


There are several types of material used in the construction of playground surfaces and some of these will include:

Rubber mulch

It usually consists of pieces of rubber from tires that have been ground up after having their steel bands removed. Rubber mulch provides several advantages over plant based mulches. Wood chips are made from woody biomass. The logs are peeled and the bark chips and the wood chips processed by different processes.

Artificial grass or turf

It is a manmade surface manufactured from synthetics and made to look like natural grass, and is most often used in arenas for sports. The main reason is maintenance

Engineered wood fiber

It is the most cost effective material for the construction of a playground surface.

The wood is shredded into specific sizes and then put through sieves. The finished product is then tested for any toxicity which it may contain.

Engineered wood fiber offers a complete playground surface system which uses a geotextile fabric between the wood fiber and the ground which improves drainage, and surfaces can be played on even after a heavy downpour of rain.

When constructing a playground surface careful consideration should be given to access and particular wheelchairs.