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How To Perm Hair With Winding And Sectioning Technique?

Hair perming requires some techniques and procedures to get the right curly and wavy hair. Before you start rolling your hair, you need to separate it into manageable sections. This will make your hair easier to manage and look professional. 

Cutting your hair into sections makes the rest of the perm process easier and faster. After shampooing and towel drying the client's hair, comb the hair to remove any knots or tangles. Make sure you have all your perm tools handy. If you want you can also get perm hair in Singapore by browsing online.

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There are three different sectioning patterns.

  1. Six sections
  2. Brick
  3. Directional

Six Sections

The Six Sectioning pattern divides the head into six sections. Divide the hair into two sections, front (4,6,5) and back (3,1,2). Divide the front section just above the middle of the eyebrow, to get a middle (6) and two sides (4 and 5).

The center section (6) should not be wider than the roller. Now divide the back section in the same way, to get a center (1) and two sides (3 and 2).

Brick Winding

Brick winding is when perm curlers are laid in a brick pattern. This rolling technique prevents gaps in the hair, so you won't have a part. Brick winding is ideal for short, fine hair and should start at the front of the head.


Directional coiling is when the hair is coiled in a certain direction. It will help create a flow in the direction the customer wants. It's perfect for clients who want a farewell.