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Good Food Good Health- Sea Moss

We all need very little sodium in our diet to stay healthy, but too much, and especially in continuously high amounts, causes high blood pressure. This significantly increases the risk of heart disease and stroke.

I believe that more and more of us are aware of these health risks based on recent media coverage, but little is known that these risks are also associated with stomach cancer and brittle bones. Water retention is also a side effect. You can also use irish moss gel for good health.

Many of these cases are caused by the bacterium Heliobacter pylori, which causes excessive stomach acid production, leading to ulcers and deterioration of health.

Researchers at the American University of Health Sciences found that a high salt content causes genetic changes in these ticks, making them even stronger, warning that we all need to learn about the health risks associated with too much salt.

A simple way to calculate the sodium salt is to multiply the amount of sodium by 2.5. This can be very useful when calculating the amount of salt in some confusing labeled food.

Of course, parents should not add salt to their baby's diet, and of course babies, because their kidneys cannot process large amounts of it, and in fact, too much salt can be fatal in children under one year of age.

We realize that for good health we need to know exactly what salt we consume in our diets, but today it is difficult to understand how more and more people are eating processed and processed foods nowadays and these products do not always show clearly and exact amounts.