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Why Choose A Non-Immigration Lawyer?

Non-immigration lawyers are a valuable resource for those who need legal assistance but do not fall into one of the standard immigration categories.

This can include individuals who have an immigration-related case that is not considered “priorities” by the U.S. government, people who have been unlawfully in the country for a long time, or those who have overstayed their visas.

There are a few reasons why choosing a non-immigration attorney may be advantageous. First, non-immigration lawyers are typically more familiar with the nuances of immigration law than attorneys specializing in other areas of law.

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Second, non-immigration lawyers typically charge lower fees than attorneys specializing in immigration law. Finally, because non-immigration cases are not as high on the priority list for the U.S. government, they may take longer to resolve – sometimes years longer than cases that fall within one of the standard immigration categories.

If you are looking for legal advice but do not fall within one of the standard immigration categories, you should consider hiring a non-immigration lawyer.

By choosing a non-immigration lawyer, you will free yourself from the stress and frustration of dealing with immigration issues – and you will get the same quality legal advice that any other client would receive.

As long as you understand how your case relates to immigration law, you will be able to know what kind of legal help to expect. Immigration lawyers can help with many types of cases.