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What Is Included In Marble Restoration?

Restoring marble or natural stone can involve scraping and removing dull stains from the marble surface through a grinding process. This technique is known as stone milling.

The marble surface is self-glossing and does not require a local wax coating to achieve this preferred finish. Just a little marble grinding with the help of marble restoration professionals will make your marble floor as shining as it was in the beginning.

Professional Marble Polishing Services

Marble requires only a series of diamond bearings used in the correct setting by experienced workers who practice their work. There is a subtle polishing process that can only be achieved with practice.

Marble restoration from a matte (sharpened) finish involves the use of a series of diamond pads or powder until the desired finish appears.

Conservators must take care to protect adjacent walls and furniture from splashes and dents. The diamond grinding process involves a lot of water and can damage wood or marble floors if the process is not done properly.

Restoring the granite layer can be done with an abrasive powder or an abrasive brush. For small or external objects, a technique similar to the factory treatment of flammable coatings can be used. 

This is the heating of the fire on the granite surface and rapid cooling with water, causing the inner crystals to escape and form a flammable layer.

The ignition method requires the use of an open flame burner. The expert must ensure that there is no flammable environment and ventilation is provided.

As you can see, restoring a rock surface can involve a variety of techniques and processes.