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Live Wedding Music – What To Expect In A Wedding Musician’s Contract?

When you hire musicians to perform at your wedding ceremony, keep in mind that you will need to sign a written contract. A musician's contract will outline not only the musician's duties, but responsibilities for you as well, so understanding the contract beforehand can make your planning much easier.

Here are the topics that  wedding ceremony musicians commonly include in their contracts so that you can know exactly what to expect when it's time to sign on the dotted line.

Services Included and Additional Charges

Make sure to ask exactly what the musicians' fee includes. Some musicians provide phone and e-mail communication, but charge extra for face-to-face meetings, while others will meet with you for free.

Attendance at your rehearsal and special requests may cost extra as well. Before you sign, know the exact amount you owe your musicians, so you can avoid any unpleasant surprises on your wedding day.

Special Requests and Accompanying Other Musicians

Many musicians will perform special requests or accompany other musicians, such as a vocal soloist, with adequate notification and an additional fee. This fee covers the cost of arranging and rehearsing new music.

Arrival and Breaks

Musicians should arrive at least 30 minutes before they are to begin playing to set up. The time of arrival and set-up location should be included in the contract. 

Many musical instruments can be damaged by direct sunlight or rain. If your ceremony is outdoors, plan for a covering for the musicians in case of rain, even if the rain is only a mist. Make sure you understand your musicians' climate policy and make the accommodations listed in the contract. Otherwise, many musicians will not risk harming their instruments to perform at your ceremony if the weather is bad.