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Lemtrada Lawsuit: Multiple Sclerosis and Vision

Individuals who suffer from multiple sclerosis often suffer from visual complications. Most patients diagnosed with multiple sclerosis are expected to experience vision-related complications at some point in their lives. Many doctors agree that one of the first symptoms that occurs when developing multiple sclerosis is a problem with vision.

Most vision problems are considered only temporary. There are many types of treatments that have proven effective in allowing sufferers to experience relief. Throughout this medical guide, you will be introduced to some of the most common eye problems that occur together with multiple sclerosis. If you want more knowledge about medical injury lawsuits then you can explore

Double Vision

Double vision, by far, is the most common symptom experienced by many sclerosis patients with vision problems. This is referred to by medical professionals as diplopia. When someone experiences this eye problem, they will see two objects in a place that is usually seen by people.

This results from weakness that comes from the muscles that work to control the eyes. As a result, physiological coordination usually occurs between missing eyes. Many patients only wear eye patches that allow them the ability to focus on objects in the field of vision. There are many who will use corticosteroids prescribed by a doctor.

 When an individual experiences flares with multiple sclerosis they suffer, they can experience temporary blindness. This can occur when new symptoms of the disease develop, or the condition worsens. In most cases, individuals suffering from this condition will suffer from optic neuritis.