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Facts You Should Know About Grey Hair


Seeing a strand of grey hair is considered to be normal and you shouldn’t go crazy on it. One of the ways you can hide your grey hair is by getting it colored with either black or a different one. Traditionally, the confidence level used to go down for some people while others felt underrated due to the grey hair. However, those days are over as many people actually appreciate having grey hair due to these interesting facts.

  1. It is Genetics, so stop Caring – When it comes to genetics, you need to accept it the way it is. For instance; people who come from a family of grey hair are bound to pass on the same genes to their next generation.
  2. It is Different – Loss of pigment such as melanin was the source of going grey. However, grey hair is considered to be trendy comprising of something different in terms of nature and coarser. This makes it easier to manage the grey hair.
  3. It is due to the Lifestyle – When it comes to having grey hair, our lifestyle plays a huge role. For instance; smoking, eating unhealthy food, stress, etc.  are some of the reasons that leads to grey hair.
  4. It is due to Excessive Smoking –If you smoke a lot on a daily basis, then it is known to cause grey hair. Moreover, if you are someone who is surrounded with friends who smoke excessively makes you a passive smoker. Being a passive smoker is also known to cause grey hair.

You may try professional keratin treatment at home to get rid of grey hair.