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A Basic Guide To Indoor Cannabis Growing

Let's say you germinated your seeds. It is now time to begin the actual growing process indoors.

Choose the right place to grow it:

It is crucial to choose the right place for your indoor garden. You should place your indoor garden slightly out of sight, especially in the bedroom. However, you can use basements, attics, and closets as good locations. These places should have sufficient lighting. To find out more details about the cannabis growing facility indoors visit

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If your garden is located in a room with a furnace, and if this furnace explodes, you will be in serious trouble. Use white paint on the walls and avoid using tin foil. Tinfoil can focus light, just like laser beams that can burn leaves.

Indoor cannabis cultivation should not exceed 65°F.

A fan is the best option. If the space is large, the fan can be turned on all day. However, if the room is small and closed, the fan can only be used twice per day.

Pots grown with the 420 Grow system will quickly reach their maximum height. The largest marijuana trees can be grown in 19-inch pots that can reach 13 feet.

The process of harvesting and drying:

You must keep your lights off for at least 12 hours to encourage the plants to flower. To dry your plants quickly, don't water them for a week. Then, cut the plants into large leaves and place them in a paper bag or box. Stir the plants every day. The buds will dry in three weeks and can be smoked.

It's easy to grow cannabis hydroponics indoors.