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Things To Consider While Planning Hostel Stay


When traveller plans to stay in affordable accommodation he/she is left with limited options. Travelling fills the thrill in anyone’s mind but for gaining the awesome travelling experience one must look up to everything consciously. Especially budget travel can get on the Nevers if not planned appropriately.

Hostels are on the priority list of anyone who plans to travel in a limited budget. Hostel staying always need conscious planning as one is not living privately in the hostel. Most of the things are on sharing basis in the hostel. There are a variety of things one need to keep with himself/herself so that one can enjoy their stay in a hostel.

Earplugs are considered as a necessity in a hostel. There can be any kind of disturbance at night if someone leaves the room or enters the room. Hence earplugs save the sleep from getting disturbed. Sleeping mask is also needed so that sleep should not be disturbed if one switch on the light in the middle of the night.

The right backpack is must for hostel stay as there is a locker in a hostel and if your backpack does not get fit in then you will be at a tough situation. Size of the backpack must be medium so that if the locker is smaller in size then also your backpack must fit in.

Indonesia is a favorite destination for many travellers and many searches for a hostel stay. Hostel in Indonesia are quite common and are highly demanded.

Important things to Pack While Staying in Hostel


Packing is one of those tasks not many people like. And by not liking, many amateur or inexperienced travelers make the mistake of packing their bags with the wrong items making their journey miserable. Now when it comes to hostel packing, it is important to bring items that are necessary. Here are a few things you should bring along with you while staying in a hostel.

  1. Padlock –This is one of the small yet handy items you should never ignore to bring along. A padlock helps to keep the items in a safe manner. These tips will help you to bring the correct locker. For one; ensure that you bring the right size. Second; avoid bringing a massive and heavy padlock. And finally; a number mechanism padlock is enough.
  2. Dry Towels –Try to bring a small towel that is capable of drying quickly. Avoid bringing a larger towel as it will only lead to taking more space. Moreover, hostels also offer a clean towel for all travelers.
  3. Earplugs and Facemask – These are two of the most crucial items you can never forget to bring along with you. Earplugs work best during sleeping and working. While facemasks are also a great alternative to sleep without the disturbance of lights.
  4. Basic Toiletries – Basic toiletries must include a toothbrush, pocket-size shampoo bottles, hair and face care products, deodorant, sunscreen etc. Make sure these items are small and not large in size.

These are some of the important items to bring along with you while staying in hostels of Indonesia.