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People that Involves in Providing Catering Service

We all know organizing an event or a party is not the work of a single person therefore we need to hire a catering company for the work. There are several people involved in a catering company that will help you in the work. You can hire Kabob Connection for catering services. They are highly known for making the best quality fried steak and meat kabobs

3 Tips for Choosing a Good Caterer

Detailed information about different people that are involved in catering event:

1. Chef – Chef is the mandatory requirement because he will be the one who will cook. There are some companies that have a head chef and an executive chef. In simple words, a chef is a person who is qualified in cookery from a cookery college or school. A person who has worked with a veteran chef for more than 20 years is called a chef. 

Maître D' – A maitre D’ manages and tackles the front house of a restaurant. He is also responsible for the staff of the restaurant. He also welcomes guests, makes reservations, takes good care of customer satisfaction and takes them to their table.  In short, he takes care of the overall dining experience of a customer. 

Front Of House – This term is for the public area or the catering premises area, people also use it for the dining room itself. The staff who works in the front of house area is called the Front of House Staff. It also includes bar staff, wait staff and maître d'.

Sommelier: A Sommelier is a wine expert. Sommelier is a professional name earned by people who have taken the right wine courses and earned the right to be called Sommelier