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Use of Gas Masks in World War I

When Germany used toxic gas in 1915, the gas masks became an important component of the war. Immediately after gas use, allied forces used cotton to protect them from gas. John Scott Haldane improved on the filter used by allied forces at the time to develop a black veil respirator.

Cluny MacPherson improved Haldane devices. Because animals were usually used during the first world war, gas masks were also designed to protect dogs and horses. Continue reading to discover more about gas masks.

Today’s gas mask

The US Army Chemical Warfare service worked to develop a modern gas mask. They improved the design used during the First World War and made it more comfortable for individuals to wear it. Because of the development of various weapons, especially biological and chemical weapons, some repairs are added continuously to the gas mask.

Use of civilian gas masks

Governments around the world ensure that their citizens are adequately trained in the use of gas masks. Posters and radio lectures were a standard method through which adults learned how to use gas masks. Children were taught how to use gas masks in school through drills. In some schools, it was mandatory for students to carry gas masks and they would be required to wear them during their day-to-day activities.