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An Introduction To Garage Door Openers

If you have chosen the type and garage door that suits your budget and lifestyle, then the next step is to choose a garage door opener. But what exactly should you look for? Aside from the obvious (dependency, cost, safety, and security), you also need to consider a number of other things.

If you are looking for a strong opener, a garage door with at least 3/4 of horsepower might be your best choice. Installing the garage door opener can lift the heaviest door easily. Select models that use heavy-duty chains, industrial-strength that guarantee years of reliable operation.

Almost all garage door openers make a sound when you operate them, but there are several models that are specifically designed to be quiet. If your garage is under a bedroom or study room, then you need a garage door opener with a very quiet belt opener.

There are also other high-end models that claim to be maintenance-free. They usually have their own lubrication system so the chain always runs smoothly and makes as little noise as possible.

Most garage door openers are easy to install if you are an experienced handyman. Make sure that the door is connected to the garage door opener and electricity flows from the outlet where the engine is connected.