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Know All About Dry Salt Therapy

Dry salt therapy, or Speleo therapy, was found by a Polish doctor in the 1800s, when studied that breathing purely ionized air in the salt mine heals breathing conditions. This salt cave can be found in Eastern Europe, especially Poland and the Himalayas. Cave Healing Salt is known for the benefits of antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti jamrobi.

So, instead of finding salt caves, anyone can enjoy the nature of healing and benefit by using salt lights. The salt lights are made of cave salt and when it lights up, they will release negative ions into the environment, creating some benefits in the salt cave. You can enjoy dry salt therapy at Lake Norman salt spa.

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Negative ions are electrically-charged particles that help eliminate air contamination that has beneficial effects on our respiratory system and immune system. How does it work? Negative-charged ions helped clean the air because they attached themselves to polluting and allergens, which were charged positively.

Larger particles formed by this connection then fall to the ground, and exit the air we breathe, so cleaning the air. The burning salt lights strengthen the earth and the frequency of our body's natural resonance, which helps fight the dangerous EMF from computers and cellphones. To preserve primordial energy, salt lights must be dug from a solid crystal salt block.

Because the practice borrowed with this hand, your salt lights will be the only one. The salt block is excavated from the foot of the Himalayas hill, Polish salt cave and a rare Persian bed. The Himalayan salt lights are brownish orange colors to bright orange which when it turns on reminds me of the color of the moon.