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Real Estate Direct Mail Postcard Marketing Strategies

Direct mail is very effective, but most new entrants to the real estate industry tend to fall for it after trying it once. The reason behind that is not the drop shipping, but the way they do it.

Mistakes to avoid

You spend hours writing all the letters and you get tired when you finish placing stamps and publishing them. What rewards you after weeks of waiting calls from people who are only interested in how much you will pay and are not rushing to sell.

Real Estate Direct Mail Postcards marketing will keep you motivated as a seller only if you have a well thought out and organized direct mail plan that will allow you to receive calls from a motivated seller interested in making a sale.

– The list that you request or buy or find on the Internet must be related to your target segment. If you are targeting premium real estate, foreclosure, or pre-foreclosure, you should use the relevant criteria to build mailing lists.

– Only those who register care to establish their specific needs and strengths. Build your source mailing list that provides a list of people who belong to the category you are looking for. However, before getting tested, contract long-term for a month or two to see if you are getting the latest information.

The most important thing is to consider direct investment remittance and not an expense. You may not get immediate results because you never know how many motivated salespeople and/or flexible lists. Go ahead and do it the right way and you will increase your chances of buying real estate.