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All You Need To Know About Custom Made Shirts

Tailored, or made-to-measure, as it is said in English, shirts are made according to individual models for specific customers according to their specific size and style requirements. This is very different from custom manufacture, which is achieved simply by converting the bearing model or part of the bearing template to customized measurements. 

Whenever you order an original shirt to order, your own paper pattern is used to cut the fabric. Therefore, the result is the same for each order. If you order customized made someone will translate your measurements and change the models in stock.

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Customization almost always works well for customers, which are standard sizes and don't require unusual styles. Customers who have fit issues or many different style needs will do much better with custom shirts.

Customization process

The customized process begins with proper measurements – not the only collar and sleeve length, but also the chest, waist, forearms, lettering, and tail length – taking into account characteristics that are difficult to measure, such as concave chest area, shoulder tilt, back rounding, etc.

Style options

The right fit is always important, but it is the design factor that excites many customers. In my experience, it's about 70% for fit and 90% for styling. Even customers with fit issues will enjoy the choice of styles and fabrics available with customization.