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How to Hire a General Contracting or Construction Management Company In Vancouver?

There are two ways to hire a contractor to work for you. The first and most traditional method is called General Negotiation. In this model, you and the architect create plans and specifications for the work to be performed. You can hire general home contractors via for home renovation.

In most cases, the bidding process between several well-known general contractors is arranged by your architect. It is important that plans and specifications are as detailed as possible, indicating the quality and in most cases the brand or equivalent. This is the only way to compare "apples to apples" among some great artists.

The main advantage of a general contract is that your work is done at a fixed price, which is determined by the call to tender and that the contractor assumes some risk in setting the price. If the job is taking longer hours or he's having unforeseen difficulties, it's his financial burden, not yours. 

Construction management is a newer model for doing the same type of work. The construction manager acts as a representative of his client, engages subcontractors and authorizes payments to them directly from the client. 

The construction manager usually receives a percentage of the project cost. The advantage of this delivery system is that you, the customer, have complete control over the process. Basically, the site manager helps you act as your own general contractor.