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All About Camping Stoves

Camping stoves make camping less primitive. Just like at home, you can pick up a pot, pick up some ingredients and cook. You can boil water so that everyone has what they want; Coffee, tea, or cocoa. You can also get more information about the best camping stove online via

Camping Stoves

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But what size stove should you buy? There are so many on the market that it is difficult to choose. Consider which of the following types of camping you will be doing so you can choose the right camping stove for your needs.

– Car Camping – If you want to transport all your camping gear in your car, you will need to determine if you have room for a two-burner, three-burner, or single-burner stove. Most propane stoves are very sleek and very well packaged.

– Truck Camping – Traveling in a truck with your camping gear gives you more space than someone camping in a car. However, that doesn't mean you have to bring the biggest stove you can find. 

– Backpackers – Backpackers will want to use a light burn-in stove specifically designed for hiking. This stove is easy to transport and burns well at any height. Most backpackers use this single stove to prepare all their hot food and drinks while camping.

As you can see, depending on the type of camping, this will help you determine the right size camping stove for you.