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All About Hosted PBX For Small Business

An excellent offer for startups is a hosted phone system. The VOIP PBX for small businesses offers advanced telecommunications features that only enterprise-class matches in quality, not price. Effective communication with customers increases sales and revenue by enhancing the company's image.

The best thing about Small Business PBX is routing calls efficiently and intelligently with features like ACD and IVR. Sales calls are never sent to service staff. By providing callers with easy options, the system decides the best destination for calls. Effective call management and proper call routing are the goals of business communication and Hosted PBX fulfills this in the best way. You can also get more information about the best-hosted PBX for small businesses via

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Conference or 3-way calling capabilities connect multiple workers on a call to talk to each other at the same time. This saves the cost of traveling long distances for business conferences.

Advantages of IP phone system

This service is fully hosted on the premises of a hosted telephone exchange service provider, who owns and manages the exchange equipment. This service is available through a virtual web-based platform with a protected username and password. 

Voice and data are digitized and transmitted over high-speed broadband networks. With no hardware to buy when setting up a PBX for your business, the total cost of ownership is drastically reduced, making it an affordable solution for small businesses with limited resources.