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Odd Shaped Window Blinds In Brighton And Hove

Finding the perfect Blind for your window with an unusual shape can be difficult. These are some types of Blinds that you need to know. Knowing them can help you find the right roller blinds the next time you seek window treatment.

You can also get curtains here as they are reliable enough for your home.

Curved Blinds for windows

These crescent-shaped windows are known to accommodate oddly shaped windows. They are most often found in attics, where windows allow air to circulate to draw heat from the roof. When buying round arch blinds, be sure to measure only the round part of the window, its diameter.

Glass window in eyebrow arch

It has been slightly modified compared to the curved version. It also looks like a human eyebrow. How do you measure it? Measure the rounded part and make a vertical edge too.

Hexagon and octagon

These polygonal curtains are less common. But if you can find one at a retail store, measure each side. If it is a hexagonal curtain, measure all 6 sides. Measure all 8 sides of the octagonal blind in the same way.

Round and oval

Round curtains are perfectly round in shape, while oval blinds are not perfectly round. The latter is shaped like an egg. This time you need to measure the circumference of the window. You can do this with long strings. Then just measure the length of the rope with a ruler.

Well, above mentioned are the types of curtains that you need to know before buying them.