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What Should You Look For In A Cigar Online Store?

We can't stress this enough: only buy cigars from a trusted local dealer or from a reputable online shop. The convenience of shopping anytime, anywhere that the internet provides can be more pleasant and safe than in-person shopping, however, the following guidelines should be followed:

1) fresh cigars: Online stores should store their cigars in a humidor with an ideal humidity of 70% and 70 degrees F to ensure the quality of the cigars being sold. If you are not sure, please visit the website and ask. You can also look for the best Tampa cigars via

2) fast delivery: Online cigar stores should also offer fast delivery options to minimize the time it takes for cigars to transit and leaves the humidor. A 2-4 day shipping option is perfect.

3) Suggest a cigar single: An online store that sells cigar singles allows you to try a particular cigar and decide whether to commit to buying the entire case. Always try at least 2 cigars from the same brand before making a decision.

4) Secure website: The website where you shop must use data encryption technology or SSL. This ensures that the information exchanged between your computer and the website on which you shop cannot be interpreted by others.

Leading online stores also publish their privacy policies and terms of use. When setting up a business account, use a password that includes letters and numbers.

5) Personal contact: Look for companies that offer easy access to their customer service representatives. Their staff must be friendly and competent.