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How To Install LED Strip Light With Clips

LED strips are very popular in home lighting applications. The application of LED strips continues to grow due to their ease of use. The flat design, flexibility, efficiency, and adhesive pad make it seamless for many pets looking to install LEDs in their homes. 

LED strips that have lost their adhesive base can be a real problem. Fortunately, several alternative methods can save you a lot of time and headaches. You can also check for the led strip light clip through the web.

led strip light clips

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LED strip mounting clip

Mounting bracket for LED strip This is a simple and inexpensive solution for mounting an LED strip that is not based on double-sided strips. This small bracket is screwed to the surface with one screw and attached to the LED strip, holding it in place. 

Brackets are great for applications where the light is pointing downwards, such as under-cabinet lighting. This simple step of installing LED strip fasteners will save you the worries of the strip falling off in the future.

Non-sticking LED strip!

Self-adhesive on the back of LED strip lights usually requires a smooth surface to stick securely. A rough surface or too many grooves limit the contact between the surface and the 3M pads on the tape. 

Less contact means less connection, causing the strip to bend in slanted or loose areas. Install the LED strip on a rough surface

The back of the LED strip also doesn't stick well with a certain coating. If the surface is shiny or oily, it's likely that the tape has slipped too much or isn't sticking at all. In such a situation, another option for installing a light strip will have to be found.

The area around the tape also affects the adhesive peel and pads. Very hot climates damage the adhesive. This may work at first, but after a very hot day, the belt will fail as the surface temperature rises.