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Lip Augmentation in Cheshire – Are Lip Injections Safe?

Lip augmentation results in plumper, fuller lips and fewer wrinkles around your mouth. You can either have it done in an outpatient setting or over the night. How is the lip lift performed? 

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Lips lose their fullness with age. Particularly the upper lip appears thinner and the distance between the tip of your nose and the upper lip becomes longer, giving the appearance of a frown. The "cupid's bow", also known as the vermilion border, thinned and flattens. Lip augmentation or lip lift will improve the volume and fullness and give the lips a natural contour. A surgical lip lift may be required to reduce the space between the nose and the upper lip. 

Since ancient times, women's lips have been considered a sign of their sensuality. Think Angelina Jolie. Today, luscious lips are all the rage. Women tell their surgeons that they want Angelina Jolie's lips.

In Cheshire, every fashion magazine has a photo with luscious lips. Not everyone has naturally beautiful lips. It's not possible to maintain beautiful lips without some help. The effects of the sun, elements, smoking, and aging can cause a loss or a significant decline in the once beautiful look. There are medical advancements that can help. You can rejuvenate your lips and reduce the appearance of fullness.

In Cheshire, two of the most requested cosmetic procedures are lip enhancement and rejuvenation. There are many options available, including the most recent laser treatments and natural injectable fillers as well as synthetic implants.