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Architecture Style: Front Door Design Ideas For Homes

This is the first and foremost thing you should do to your front door. Usually, people do not play on color heed their entrance and go with simple wood colors available. But believe me, the color of the front door will make a huge impact on the whole house.

You can choose the color that goes with exterior house paint or you can go with a color that really contrasts to paint your house. Either way, you will see a change in the entrance. It will look completely different and add aesthetic appeal to your entrance.

Go With Metal

If you are renovating your home and bored with wooden doors, metal doors then this is a blessing in disguise for you. The metal door was a trend these days. There are different types of metal that you can consider for this door. Black steel, copper and stainless steel doors have been quite popular these days. You can get more information about wooden house design via

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Along with the door glass panel

There are so many people out there who do not usually like the idea of having two doors on their entrance. For people who want to avoid the issues of the double front door, you can go with the glass panel.

Pivot door

If you are someone who is always thinking out of the box and looking for new ideas for the design of your front door, then the door of this shaft is the one you are looking for. The doors are designed to offer an entirely new look to the home.