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Advantages of Corporate Housing Over Extended Stay Hotels in London

When a corporate executive is sent on a business trip for several weeks, or months, they need to find accommodation at an upscale extended-stay hotel. They have no control over the style of the unit or furnishings so they must adapt to the environment.

Business rentals in London is an industry that has expanded in recent years and makes it possible to offer a variety of accommodation types. The average cost is 20% less than the one found in hotels, providing suites with more privacy.

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Corporate housing is highly customizable and encompasses senior citizens, including infants. You can settle right in just as if you were at home. 

There are laundry facilities within the units, unlike extended stay hotels. While hotel bills are subject to taxes, guests who stay over thirty days in corporate housing are not taxed on their rent.

When you're looking for a space to rent, it's easy because there are many sites that allow you to search through calendars of corporate suites and opt for the ones with the best deals. 

Plus, if a company has to send an executive to open one in another city, it can be ready in minutes because their staff can locate a nearby suite with vacant units on a site like this.

If cost is the primary concern, then one option would be an extended stay hotel, which isn't upscale, but maybe all you can afford. Lodgings for the price of a long-term rental are comparable to executive-level plans with space for more occupants and amenities such as upgraded kitchens and free laundry facilities.