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Free Yourself From Fear Of Flying With Hypnotherapy

Fear of flying is a common fear. Fear of flying, along with fear of spiders or fear of public speaking is the most common fear. Our rational, conscious minds may know that flying is the safest form of public transport. It is far safer than driving in terms of fatalities and accidents.

According to the Federal Aviation Authority, in order to become a casualty in an accident in a commercial aircraft, you must fly one flight per day for the next 22,000 Years. You can also learn how to get over the fear of flying with a flying course. 

These are certainly some impressive odds for anyone!

Problem is that the fear of flying, like all phobias, is not based on logic or rationality. Fear of flying is a learned fear. As such, it is created by the subconscious mind. Though feelings can be interpreted by the analytical, conscious mind, they are not generated there. 

There are many CDs that claim to help you get rid of the fear of flying. Some of these may be partially helpful in temporarily relieving your fear. These CDs can help to produce a limited feeling of relaxation. These strategies only address the symptoms and do not treat the root cause. My professional experience is that if the underlying cause of fear is not addressed, it will continue to exist.

This fear is not necessary and should be eliminated. Fear of flying, or even thinking about flying is a bad thing. You can get rid of your fear by working with a trained and experienced transformational hypnotherapist.

Find a qualified and experienced transformational hypnotherapist to free you from your fears once and for all. You will be very glad that you did.